Get file/registry version number as a version object

Sometimes, version numbers of applications can’t be compared directly because they are interpreted as strings (where 10 comes after 1 but before 2).
A really simple way to work around this is to typecast the version number with [version].
$installVersion = [version]"58.0.3029.81";
$fileVersion = [version](Get-Item -Path $chromeExe).VersionInfo.ProductVersion;

if ($fileVersion -lt $installVersion) {
$registryVersion = [version]"";

if (Test-Path -Path "HKLM:\$regUninstallPath\$ProductCode") {
    $registryVersion = [version](Get-ItemProperty -Path "HKLM:\$regUninstallPath\$roductCode").DisplayVersion;
#Note to reader: You would want to make sure to define all your variables; this code was pulled from a much longer script to give examples
Add “[version]” before your version numbers that are stored as a string to typecast them to a proper Windows version number.

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